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Do you feel frustrated with your lack of success online?

Do you feel frustrated with your lack of success online?

You have a ton of passion for writing - and you want to make it big online.

You love the dream you’ve created, you have goals, and you have something you would like to share with others.


Almost no one knows you online. Your website just isn’t getting traction.

It seems everywhere you look other bloggers are getting tons of attention and growing their blogs - even though they don’t seem any more talented or motivated than you.

You begin to wonder whether you’re the real problem. You wonder if maybe you’re not smart enough or talented enough to gather a big following. 

And your confidence gets eroded, bit by bit.

Maybe you’ve even considered giving up because you just don’t have the energy to keep on.

I know about this struggle and I feel for your frustration. 

Let's pinpoint the underlying problem.

What is the Real Problem?

In the last years, the attention span of online readers has got shorter and shorter.

According to research, a goldfish has an average attention span of 9 seconds. In contrast, humans now have an average attention span of only 8 seconds.

The shortening of attention span shows the effect of a digitalized lifestyle on the brain.

As a result, if you write like you've been taught at school or later, your readers will click away to Facebook or Instagram after reading your first paragraph.

To capture online readers' attention, you need to develop a new style of writing.

What is Blog Writer's Bootcamp 2.0?

Blog Writer’s Bootcamp 2.0 is an interactive, multimedia training program for bloggers and online writers who want to fulfill their true potential.

You'll learn the writing style that top-level bloggers use to cut through the noise online and create a large, enthusiastic following.

With this style of writing, you’ll attract readers and come to the attention of  influential people who will want to support you in your journey.

Blog Writer's Bootcamp 2.0 has been re-imagined from the ground up. 

The writing style you'll learn in Blog Writer's Bootcamp 2.0 is more powerful than you could ever imagine. It's the same style used by the most successful bloggers on the planet.

You'll learn how:

  • adding 2 words to your headline can increase the click rates significantly.
  • changing just the length of a paragraph can lead to an immediate improvement in your bounce rate.
  • writing the right kind of subheads keeps readers on the page longer, resulting in notably more subscriptions.  

What some of our students say


Ntathu Allen


Priceless! thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was such a treat to receive focused tips and suggestions to hone my craft.


Manfred Stattlinger

This course 'made' me as a writer...

This fantastic course really 'made' me as a writer! Mary is a wonderful writing coach and her comments and suggestions are encouraging and a real eye-opener. I recommend this course to anyone who really wants to grow as a writer. 


Sloan Manson

My confidence has grown...

My confidence has grown hugely! I've now become a successful freelancer because of this fantastic course. The Blog Writer's Bootcamp has absolutely changed my life!

Mary Jaksch


I’m Mary Jaksch. I’m a published author, and the creator of Write to Done, one of the biggest writing blogs online. I’ve personally trained thousands of aspiring bloggers.

​It took me only 9 months to create an income of over $90,000 online. That's because I studied the kind of writing which takes bloggers right to the top.

During my blogging career, I’ve watched many worthy writers fail because they didn’t know how to grab attention and keep it. Even though they might have been talented writers, they didn’t know how to write like a top blogger.

Recently, I decided that I’m not willing to watch that happen again to even one more deserving writer. I decided that I would teach exactly how to write like a top blogger.

Jon Morrow

Why Blogging Matters...

"We want our writing to help people, to inspire them, 

to change them from the inside out."

is reimagined from the ground up.
You'll learn how to:

Hook Your Readers and Make them Sit Up and Beg For More

Module 1 will show you why this new style of writing is so powerful in hooking readers and mesmerizing them with your content.

Write with Authority and Power

Module 2 will teach you how to glue readers to the page and keep them reading.

Turn a Poor Draft into an Outstanding Post

Module 3 will show you how to use a structural edit to rescue a piece and make it great.

Fascinate Readers with Juicy Writing

In Module 4 we’ll teach you how to craft 'juicy' writing that your readers will want to devour.

Spice up Your Writing

Module 5 will show you the best strategies for taking your writing from plain old oatmeal to a spicy curry that really gets attention!

Make Your Writing Unforgettable

Module 6 will teach you how to make your writing irresistible by weaving elements of drama and dialogue into your work.

Craft Irresistible Headlines

Module 7 will show you the psychology behind must-click headlines, and explain how to make yours irresistible. 

Polish Your Work to Perfection

Module 8 will teach you how to spit-shine your work to perfection. You’ll learn how to refine your article, write faster, and avoid common grammar goofs.

Crank up Your Creativity

Module 9 will show you the strategies needed to revitalize and feed your imagination so that you never suffer from blogger's block

Promote Your Work Like a Pro

Module 10 will teach you insider tips on how to promote your writing for maximum impact.

Hate Being Left to Struggle?

Some courses leave you struggling. You can't find anyone to ask for feedback or to connect with. 

Has that happened to you? Sometimes, it's the only way people can afford a particular training because guided courses are so much more expensive.

Join the Community!

Call us crazy, but we've decided to offer Blog Writer's Bootcamp 2.0 as an interactive course where you can share your writing and progress with fellow students.


And all this just for the regular price!

As you can imagine, it's almost impossible for us to offer such a crazy deal again - especially at the regular price! 

Don't miss out!

Get instant access to
"Blog Writer's Bootcamp 2.0" 

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Blog Writer's Bootcamp 2.0

$ 397

What our students are saying:

One of the best courses I've ever done ...

This is one of the best courses I've ever done! Although I mainly write fiction, I needed skills to attract readers to my website. I now write with real confidence and readers are flocking to my site ... WOW!

Pace Simeon

I learned key tools ...

Mary is so encouraging and positive - a great role model for us as we begin to engage our own readers

Wendy Watkins

Now I have some methods I can use...

Before Mary's course, I just wrote the way thoughts spilled out of my head. Now I feel like I actually have some methods I can turn to craft an intro, create a story and keep a reader interested.

Marianne Manthey

Let me tell you how FABULOUS this course is...

Let me tell you how FABULOUS I think this course is! I've started to write again.  I'm so excited to start putting these lessons into practice! 

Kelly Huckaby

I've learned a huge amount...

Over the weeks, I have learned a huge amount from Mary Jaksch about blogging in general and about writing in particular.

Rajesh Setty  

What you get...

  • Over 43 video lessons (more added regularly)
  • Multimedia presentation with video and text
  • Multiple Exercises to practice your new skills
  • Progress bars to check your yep, you guessed it...progress:)
  •  Interactive section to reach out to coaches and fellow students

Is This the Right Course for You?

  • If you are a blogger and want to gather a large tribe, this course is for you.
  • If you want to become an author, this course is for you. 
  • If you want to earn money with your writing online, this course is for you,. 

What This Course is Not

The Blog Writer's Bootcamp is not a passive “information download.”

This course is not about just sitting back and learning a bunch of theory; we guide you through a system of lessons and exercises that will make your writing shine and stand out. However, we can't do the work for you. BUT If you're prepared to put the effort in, then Blog Writer's Bootcamp 2.0 is for you.


Most people who start blogs or author websites give up their dream after the first hurdle.

They become frustrated because they don't know how to get results. This course will make sure you're not one of them by showing you how to get the results you want.

If you don't do this course, you'll always wonder what could have been...

Ask yourself: Where will you (and your blog) be in a year's time? Two years? Will you always wonder what could have been?

Don't let this happen to you!

The Best Time to Start Your Journey of Success is now!

We are offering the Blog Writer's Bootcamp 2.0 as a guided course FOR THE REGULAR PRICE OF THE UNGUIDED COURSE. But only when you join before the deadline.

. If you compare other courses where you can be in constant contact with the teacher, ask questions, and get feedback, you're looking at course fees of at least $1,200, right?

But we are celebrating the new and improved edition and if you join now you will get it (with interactive feedback) for only $197. Crazy!

Join now to grab this rare opportunity!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you find this course isn't right for you, just let us know within the next four weeks and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Mary Jaksch

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