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Lesson 1

Welcome to our course, The Confidential Strategies of Top Blog Writers!

This short course is focused on the science and art of storytelling in nonfiction. More than any other skill, the ability to tell stories is regarded as the key factor for bloggers and writers wanting to gather a large, loyal audience.

If you don’t learn this skill, visitors will click away - and they won’t come back.

Please take your time to digest these three lessons. You can watch the videos, read the articles or listen to the podcasts.

Remember to enjoy writing! It’s always a bit of a struggle to complete and polish a blog post or an article. But once you’ve finished, you get a wonderful warm glow of completing a creative piece.

In the third lesson of this short course, we address the dreaded Blogger’s Doubt and show you three solutions which will help boost your confidence immediately.

You can find more in-depth information and training to help you become a confident writer in our major-league courses for bloggers and writers in the WritetoDone University.

No matter where you are at right now, remember that there is nothing quite like the joy of writing - especially when you learn to use stories. It’s such a life-giving skill to develop!

Good writing comes with practice. That is why there is a suggested exercise under each of the three lessons. Please be playful when completing the exercises; they are not about getting it right; they are about experimenting with something new and learning a new skill.

You can ask questions or let us know how you’re going in the comment section beneath the lessons.


Mary Jaksch

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth! I’m delighted that you enjoyed the course. Comments like yours make all the effort worthwhile!

  • Avatar Elizabeth Best says:

    Mary, I was eager to see what you were offering in the course, so I left the welcome for last. I am grateful for this short course. It was very informative and I am inspired to go back and complete all of the exercises. Thank you for this gift. I look forward to joining you in other courses.

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    Hi Donna, the articles of each lesson are the basis of the audios. Please don’t worry: there is nothing in the audio that’s not in the written lessons.

  • Avatar Donna Howard says:

    Mary, I am hard of hearing and cannot understand audio; therefore, I would like to read the transcripts of your lessons. How do I access them? Donna

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    It’s great to see you so motivated, Kathleen!

  • Avatar Kathleen Collier says:

    I’m looking forward to your lessons on learning how to blog successfully.

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry, Phil. I’ve tested the video and it seems alright at our end. Can you maybe watch it in another browser or reboot your laptop or mobile device?

  • Avatar Phil says:

    the video tells me that I can’t play it, it says “because of it’s privacy settings this video cannot be played here” am I doing something wrong?

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    Yes, I think everything comes with practice. And, conversely, nothing develops without practice.

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    That’s great! I hope you get a lot out of the course, Hyder

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    Let me know how you enjoy it, okay?

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    Thanks, Deniese! I’m a recovering perfectionist myself 🙂

  • Avatar chucks Mario says:

    Thanks,can’t wait to start the course.

  • Avatar Deniese Borel says:

    “It’s not about getting it right, it’s about experimenting with a new skill” What a powerful statement for those of us who struggle with a perfectionism mindset! Thank you, Mary!

  • Avatar hyder ottoman says:

    Good comment also comes with practice

  • Avatar hyder ottoman says:

    I am motivated by the introduction

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    Writing poems is a great way to honor someone who has passed. And it is a good way to deal with the turmoil and weight of grief. If you like, you can include one of your poems here in the comment section.

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Margaret. The next lesson is coming very soon. Just one more sleep… 🙂

  • Avatar Margaret Gower says:

    Thank you, Mary. Very interesting points and information. I can’t wait for the next lesson. 🙂

  • Avatar Nicholas Mwangi says:

    This is currently happening to me. A friend of mine went to be with the Lord and the demise Hit me so hard. I have gone into writing poems about her. Please help me out here.

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    I’m delighted you’re joining this course, Diane!

  • Avatar Diane Woods says:

    Thank you, Mary.

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    You could maybe try free-writing in a journal each day. Just write whatever comes into your head for 5 minutes without stopping, Hafsa.

  • Mary Jaksch Mary Jaksch says:

    Feeling ‘blocked’ can happen when we try to write in a way that’s not in line with our emotions. Maybe you can write a few pieces about the grief you felt or still feel?

  • Avatar Hafsa mufti says:

    I used to write poems or lyrics, right at the end someone died, my brother told me to write in a happy manner. Since then I had writer’s block

  • Avatar Hafsa mufti says:

    I wrote a story once and now I just can’t. I also have a blog

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